About Viwa
ViWA group, is a private Chinese company that specializes in providing of the customized service on advanced intermediates, APIs, and dosage forms for pharmaceuticals and chemical industry, also investing in medical devices, Veterinary Drugs, and Agrochemical field etc..
ViWA is one of the first CSO (Custom Service Organization) company in China, with capabilities in providing a wide array of integrated services to customers, including CA(Contract pre-Audit),CQ(Contract Quality Control),CM(Contract Manufacturing),CR (Contract Research),CS(Contract Sourcing) and CMT(Contract MarkeTting) service.
During the evolvement from emerging to regulated market, China has been becoming one of the most important markets in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry around the world. VIWA is keen on providing the utmost service on marketing what you have and sourcing what you need in China. We are your solution in China. “China Part, We Do For You!”
VIWA group is comprised of the following:
VIWA head-quarter, located in Jiahua International Business Center, Hangzhou ,
providing the CSO (Custom Service Organization) service.
VIWA R&D centre, located in “ State Biological & Medical Industrial Park”,Hangzhou ,
Specialized in CR(Contract Research),CM(Contract Manufacturing),CQ(Contract Quality control) service.
VIWA Vietnam office, located in HCMC, Vietnam
Specialized in marketing Food additives, APIs and formulations in Vietnam, Cambodia etc..
Zylox pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, located in Xiasha industrial Park,
Specialized in new drugs development

Our honour

High-technology Enterprise

Administration of Operating Licenses for Hazardous Chemicals

Training Certificate

Our Mission and Value

Our Mission:
Protect your health, Open up your beautiful life.
Our Values:
Integrity, Ownership, Appreciation, Win-win, Profession, Innovation
Our Vision:
To become the globalized esteemed pharmaceutical company with full social responsibility

Development Strategies

VIWA integrates the experienced market resource, specialized in custom service in advanced intermediates, APIs, and dosage forms area, establishing the CSO (custom service organization) system gradually, aiming to provide the professional service to domestic and foreign customers. Our aim is to be the first famous “CSO(custom service organization)” pharmaceutical company in China. By providing custom service, investing in pharmaceutical industry, VIWA is striving to become an esteemed global pharmaceutical company with full social responsibility.

VIWA Background

China Part, We Do For You!
Our wishing and general goal is help our customers to increase social human health everywhere.
In china we handle and provide a complex of services to foreign pharmaceutical companies to avoid many troubles concerning to their orders, (to bring them more conformance and assurance and safety ) The most important procedures in pharmaceuticals aspect are sourcing and "managing product quality" and finally prepare documents for export, we accompany your order from first to end in China.
What we do? We sourcing according to customer requirements, choose the best suitable variant for purchasing, during producing, we carefully visually and documentary take under control to preventing ‘quality fade’.
Choosing VIWA as your partner company in China as a part of your chain supply, you minimize risk for exporting and prevent quality fade.
VIWA in China is well-known as successful private pharmaceutical company with brand of VIWA, many pharmaceuticals factories know our company and our Director Mr. Jack Ye with 20 years of background and experience in (chemical field) chemical research techniques to the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, (He is technically strong, highly motivated with proven ability to produce results on a wide range of projects. His technical background has provided him exceptional knowledge of chemical field, intermediate & API and formulation.)
VIWA with a close relationship and strict contract with producers in China guarantee the required quality of products.

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