CA(Contract pre-Audit)
VIWA assists the foreign customers to conduct Contract pre-audit ViWA in China can assist you in your preparation for your annual audit.
Our pre-audit preparation service can provide many benefits to a business or organization, particularly for financial controllers, chief financial officers and others who may be involved in preparing for audit. The benefits may include:
1) Faster and smoother audit process as issues are considered and dealt with in advance of the audit
2) Fewer disruptions during the audit to your normal daily work
3) Minimization of changes to management accounts following the audit
4) Preparatory work is carried out by people who know what the auditor will require
5) Earlier feedback on possible improvements
6) Advice on accounting treatment and disclosures.
7) Advice on filing requirements and exemptions.
We provide assistance in preparing for audit to a wide range of clients in pharmaceutical sphere, including multinational companies and public sector organizations. Our financial department team is highly skilled and trained in the areas of Chinese Standards on Auditing.

CQ(Contract Quality control)

ViWA provide the Contract Quality control service for customers before and after shipment.

CM(Contract Manufactring)

ViWA provide a wide array of integrated services to the customers, including process research and development, optimization, and scale-up facilities to support both validation and commercial launch. Also we do job work in cGMP or non GMP based on the tech. package supplied by customers.

CR (Contract Research)

ViWA provide process research, development, and also customized new molecular development R&D Center: located in “State Biological & Medical Industrial Park”, equipped with full scale synthetic and analytical equipment, such as HPLC, preparative chromatography, Microwave Organic Synthesis instrument, Flow synthesis instrument, LC-MS, GC-MS, IR spectroscopy, UV spectroscopy, Full automatic multifunctional reactor, recirculating cooling system, medium pressure liquid chromatography (MPLC) systems, Spray dryer, Freeze dryer, NMR, MALDI TOF TOF.
R&D center, include synthetic labs, Kilo-lab, Scale-up plant , and Quality Testing center. Can meeting the gram level to hundred kgs level custom manufacturing.
The R&D Lab is mainly concentrated on:
1. Development and synthesis of generic APIs & Key Intermediates, optimization of process technology;
2. Research and development of the innovative synthetic route and technology of APIs;
3. Custom manufacture of Kilo-scale products;
4. Entrusted test and quality evaluation of pharmaceutical and chemical products.
The R&D Lab is specialized in the development of novel synthetic route and process of APIs, particularly in:
1. Stereo-selective Synthesis of trans alkenes;
2. Friedal-Crafts acylation;
3. Oxi-chlorization and Oxi-bromination;
4. Chlorization and bromination of hydroxyl group;
5. Reduction: good at the reduction of esters and nitro compounds and the electro-reduction of acids;
6. Column isolation.

CS(Contract Sourcing)

ViWA provide one-on-one sourcing service to relieve our customers from the globalized procurement burden. Additionally, we guarantee the stability of the manufacturing process and supply chain.

CMT(Contract Marketing)

VIWA do dedicated market investigation on your products by Combining the first-hand data such as customer visiting /international pharmaceutical exhibitions\custom data with authority market data, establishing an analytical market report. Then we design a unique marketing solution for your products to enter the target market.

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